Rich Lusk, Ph.D.

Graduate Student from 2005 to 2011

Ph.D. in 2010 in Molecular and Cell Biology with Michael Eisen

Models to mechanisms: Leveraging functional and evolutionary information to describe regulatory sequences

Currently Associate, McKinsey & Company

Lusk RW, Eisen MB (2013). Spatial promoter recognition signatures may enhance transcription factor specificity in yeast.
Journal  PubMed  PMC  

Lusk RW, Eisen MB (2010). Evolutionary mirages: selection on binding site composition creates the illusion of conserved grammars in Drosophila enhancers.
Journal  PubMed  PMC  

Lusk RW, Eisen MB (2008). Use of an evolutionary model to provide evidence for a wide heterogeneity of required affinities between transcription factors and their binding sites in yeast.